Prelude to spring

Winter has suddenly turned to spring. The signs are all around us. The forest is alive again.

From below, through brown and dry leafs, innocent wood anemones emerges – their necks humbly bent with a promise of fragrance and white emblazonment. From above, the concert is starting, led by chaffinches and robins, peering at each other from naked but budding branches. From blank black ponds, reflecting fragments of a blue sky, richly earthcoloured frogs are joining with their crude but charming song. Affectionately cuddling each other, the frogs set an example for the rest of the world…

Latin: Rana temporaria
Swedish: Vanlig groda
English: Common frog

  1. Åh, en så vårromantisk text! Och grodbilden är fantastisk

    Margareta - March 31st, 2012 at 17:32

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